Horse of the year in horse racing

Horse of the year is an award and privilege which is given to horses worldwide. There are many categories for the horses, such as harness racing and thoroughbred horse racing.Each country operates this award ceremony and horse awards quite differently. If you are in a specific country at the time of the year when these awards take place, then you really won’t want to miss out on this. In order to win this award, race horses are put under the spot light and their performance, agility, speed and racing history are all taken into consideration. Regardless of the gender of the horse or the age of the horse, all racing horses in the country are given a fair chance.

In New Zealand there is a harness horse of the year award which is given to a champion race horse. The award is exclusive for New Zealand race horses and horses from outside countries are not included. All horses who are race horses and who have raced within the New Zealand racing season, and who have abide with all the racing rules and regulations of the sport are included in the selection process.

In New Zealand there is also a yearly annual horse of the year show. This features a wide range of horses from different sports and disciplines. There are literally nearly 2000 horses and riders who try to compete and win various prizes and titles. This is a very big event that takes place in the Hawke’s Bay area and the sponsorship is massive. All sorts of big companies and sponsors take part in the event, which adds to the excitement and big amounts of prize money. There are also many other events which take place, besides the horse events. It is a massive event which horse enthusiasts look forward to and prepare for every year.

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