The different types of sports with horses

For centuries people have enjoyed the use of horses, for transport, leisure activities and even sports. At this current point in modern day times, there are plenty of sports which involve horses, that society loves and enjoy.

Polo is another sport which is enjoyed by people all over the world. This sport dates back from many years ago and it was a sign of prestigious and power. Many who had wealth also had many horses, and they would show off their horses by getting their friends together and playing polo matches. Now days the sport of polo via horseback is still played and enjoyed.

Basketball, rugby and polo is combined together to create a unique and very different sport called “horseball“. This sport involves a horse and a ball, but further than that it is a very interesting dynamic between the different sports. The truth is that people created this sport and whoever invented really was smart because it is enjoyed by sport enthusiasts everywhere.

There is even a sport called polocrosse. This is one of the most loved sports and it is has a specific equestrian style to it, polo and lacrosse combined together gives you the sport of polocrosse, which is indeed a very interesting and unique sport.

Horse racing is probably the most widely known sports. All over the world there are horse events and big races which involve fashion, horses, money, betting and people. Each country has a slightly different take on the sport but it is enjoyed worldwide. Even betters will bet on races in other countries, in fact this is a very popular practice.

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Even the people who bet on racing become very involved in the sport. There are many deeper elements to racing, is is much more than animals racing against each other. People who bet on the sport will be able to tell you just how much thought and strategy is actually involved in the sport.

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